Two Grand Champions Have Had Puppies!

Canadian Grand Champion Kitty (a.k.a. Unity’s Treasure) from Cleveland, Ohio, and American Grand Champion Floyd (a.k.a. Treue’s Dark Side of the Moon) from the Chicago area were bred near Abbotsford, BC, June 10th, 2017. We are very excited to announce that Kitty has given birth to eight beautiful, vibrant, black puppies, August 10, 2017!  See the grand champion pedigree here!

The Two Grand Champions!

Kitty(a.k.a. Unity's Treasure) new Grand Champion

Canadian Grand Champion Kitty (a.k.a. Unity’s Treasure) CKC#1132749, AKC#WS47096103, CHIC#116868

Floyd GDR Stud Dog Ad

Grand Champion Floyd (a.k.a. Treue’s Dark Side of the Moon), AKC#WS41100404, CHIC#119080

GCh Floyd bred to Kitty

Floyd goes Grand Champion with owner handler W. Scott Wilson of Marengo, IL near Chicago.

Interested in a Puppy?

If you are interested in a Regal Black puppy, we welcome you to the information below on this page and pictures of the puppies in the Gallery .

Quality Breeding

At Regal Black Great Danes we breed dogs that aim for the Great Dane Club of America breed standard. We are keen to breed healthy, smart, companions with amazing temperaments. We continue to research and educate ourselves in order to breed better dogs that live longer lives. Pre breeding health tests are completed on our Danes, providing information that we consider when choosing breeding partners. Our puppies are house raised with special attention to socialization. We stand by our unwavering support system, both before and after you take your puppy home.

Puppy Placement

We place our puppies with families that will love, train and take care of them for their entire lives. All Regal Black Great Danes are pets first, and then show dogs, therapy dogs or performance dogs depending on assessments made on each individual puppy.

Great Danes are not for everyone nor for every situation. That being the case, we reserve the right to refuse to place a puppy with anyone for any reason. We approve each family on their own merits and honesty to our application questions.

Most Danes are active puppies that live and listen best when they are exercised sufficiently for their age, enriched daily with training, given some jobs to do, and socialized, socialized…SOCIALIZED!

As some Great Danes reach weights nearing 200 pounds, it is vital that you are able to control your dog while on or off leash VERBALLY.  Such training might be the difference in saving your dog’s life one day.

Socializing DOES NOT mean stuck in a cage for 8-10 hours a day and never going anywhere with the family or never seeing another human being.  It takes time and patience to help your puppy fit into your family’s daily schedule.  It also takes money to feed a quality food (of no more than 21-24% protein and 12% fat to make sure your puppy grows properly), money for obedience classes, and money to provide medical care for your new family member.

All ‘companion’ puppies (Danes not selected to be show dogs) are placed on a spay/neuter contract.  It should also be understood that unless you are an experienced Dane home, your AKC limited registration papers will be mailed directly to you after Regal Black Great Danes receives a copy of the completion of your Puppy Kindergarten classes or AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy class completion for our records.

Once you are a Regal Black owner, we make every effort to help with any and all concerns about your new puppy or even your senior dog. We love to receive photos and bi-monthly updates on all pups produced by us. We consider you friends for life unless you prove otherwise.

If for whatever reason you can no longer provide for your puppy/dog, we will gladly take the puppy/dog back or help re-home it.  You accept responsibility to provide transportation in either case, and in no circumstance should the dog see the inside of a shelter or rescue.

We seek families for our pups that have done research, talked it over within the family, and are serious in their intention to include a Great Dane as their newest family member.  Only after your application as a home is approved and your family is absolutely sure, should serious families send the NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of $500.00 USD.  At such time, state your preferences for a male or female and for the puppy to be cropped or left natural. The purchase must be completed before puppy leaves our premises.

Policies and Pricing

As reputable breeders, we make every attempt to breed exceptional Great Danes and place them into the best possible homes.  Show puppy or companion puppy, we want them all to go into loving homes where they will remain for their entire life, be cared for as they deserve and be cherished pets. We only breed quality parents who have passed all their health testing and are mentally and physically sound, and we go to great lengths to assure the resulting litter has had the best start in life possible. To help accomplish these goals, we find an application and then a phone call is a good first start. Pricing and availability varies so those details are best addressed on our phone call.

Adoption Requirements

Some factors we consider in evaluating a home for Danes:

  • Fenced yard large enough for a Dane to run and play or faithful provision of exercise elsewhere.
  • Companion puppies (Danes not being shown) must be spayed or neutered.
  • Dane must be maintained as an indoor household pet.
  • Attendance in a puppy kindergarten, basic manners classes and proper use of a crate.
  • A home check prior to purchase.
  • Provision of proper veterinary care and diet for your Dane.
  • No more than 4-5 hours absence at one time

We do not recommend show dogs for homes for families with overly busy schedules. Owning a show dog is very time intensive. Show dogs require very specific training, socialization and exercise with an experienced trainer. Homes with small children and no large-dog experience require special considerations.

Puppies come with the following:

  • CKC registration
  • First set of vaccines (Limited vaccination protocol to be followed)
  • Microchip
  • Puppy package, which will include information on health, growth, training, with pictures and pedigree, health certificates and information on both the sire and dam.
  • Ear taping instructions and assistance if puppies are to be cropped.
  • Contract and agreement
  • Lifetime of 24/7 breeder support.

If you are interested in a Regal Black puppy, feel free to  fill out an application and then contact us.

Some Puppy Fun…Kitty’s baby pictures!

Here are some puppy pictures of Kitty soon after she was born April 5, 2014, but first off, we honour Kitty’s mother Kittyhawk with owner/breeders Callie Davis-Caffey & Cecil O Caffey (not pictured) of Unity Danes!

Kitty's mother Kittyhawk (a.k.a. Unity's Kittyhawk v Sharcon (CHIC#78392)) with her breeder and owner, Callie Davis-Caffey of Cleveland Ohio

Kitty’s mother Kittyhawk (a.k.a. Unity’s Kittyhawk v Sharcon (CHIC#78392)) with her breeder and owner, Callie Davis-Caffey of Cleveland Ohio

Kitty's Parents

Kitty’s Parents

Kitty's Mother Kittyhawk

Kitty’s Mother Kittyhawk

Kitty with her mamma Kittyhawk

Tiny Kitty with her mamma Kittyhawk. Ahh…so cute.

Kitty as a puppy with the lime green colar.

Kitty with the lime green collar.

Puppy Kitty has arrived in Canada!

When Kitty arrived in Canada!

9 week old great dane pup for sale

A couple of Kitty’s puppies at 9 weeks

That was just a taste!  Enjoy the current photos and videos in our Gallery !