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As Our Story Goes...

Many a year went by while we longed to have another Great Dane, but circumstances were never quite right. Finally one Christmas, the stars seemed to align and we put a picture of a Great Dane under the tree! Then Daniela set out to find a show quality Great Dane, a long awaited Christmas gift for our family!

Yet even then, the wait went on for two more years…searching, searching and searching some more for the perfect black Dane. Daniela persevered until she discovered Callie at Unity Danes, in Cleveland, Ohio.

By then we had figured out what many already know…it is more important who your breeder is than which dog you pick! By choosing your breeder with care, you’ll have excellent stock to pick your dog from, and you will get to work with someone you like and trust in a wonderfully supportive, friendly context! Callie at Unity Danes has been an absolute dream to work with!  Thanks to her and her husband Cecil, along came our amazing puppy we affectionately call Kitty (a.k.a. Unity’s Treasure).

By this time, we were not completely sold on the idea of showing dogs, but either way we knew Kitty was a top notch girl. As she grew into the astounding dog she is, more and more people were astonished that we wouldn’t be showing and breeding her. The whirlwind of adjectives she would stir up in public included; regal, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, stately, spirited, fun, and on and on it went…until Kitty had turned enough eyes that we finally listened and brought her to the pros.

With the encouragement of Washington state’s “Great Dane Lady” Georgia Hymmen, we took the plunge and entered the show scene…not because this was our dream, but because Kitty was clearly too amazing not to be shown and bred.

The Rest Is History.

In spite of a very late start, Kitty soon became a Canadian Champion and then a Grand Champion. She is also an International Champion and even had time to work on her American Championship before it was breeding time. One of her more memorable wins was her first American major at the big Portland show, January 2017 (Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon)!

Now a Canadian Grand Champion, Kitty has been bred to an American Grand Champion from Chicago named Floyd (a.k.a. Treue’s Dark Side of the Moon). Pups were born Aug 10th, 2017 and we are thrilled to already have pups thriving in Florida, Ohio, and Colorado. Only two show pups and a companion pup are left!

Should you be interested in a Regal Black puppy, feel free to contact us or fill out an application! You can also reach out to us on Facebook at Regal Black Great Danes.

Kitty on green blur

Cute Is Only The Beginning.

Regal Black puppies are amongst the most adorable creatures. Their four legs will carry love, joy, and energy to each corner of your home.

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